Vietnam Social Sciences, S. 6 (2019)

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America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and Its Impact on Cooperation and Development in Asia


Tóm tắt

The Indo-Pacific Strategy is the basic content of the Asian policy of the United States (US) under the current US administration. The new US strategy emphasises the issue of "freedom" and "openness" in the relationship between the US and Asian countries as well as in the relationship among countries in the region. The US advocates a revision of the current imbalanced and unfair trade between the US and Asian countries, especially its major partners; promotion of transparent cooperation among countries, and resistance to the threat of big countries in maintaining maritime freedom and national sovereignty issues in the region. With this strategy, US-China relations are entering a period of real strategic competition. The tensions between the US and China have a multidimensional impact on relations among countries in Asia concerning both economic and security fields.

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