T. 6, S. 1 (2012)

Mục lục

Issue of Religion and Belief in the 1992 Constitution in Vietnam - Foundation for Amendement Tóm tắt
Đỗ Quang Hưng 3
Legal Regulations on Recognition of Religious Organizations Tóm tắt
Nguyễn Thanh Xuân 12
On New Religious Phenomenon (the first part) Tóm tắt
Nguyễn Quốc Tuấn 17
The Worship of Mẫu Liễu - Seen from a Culturological Angle Tóm tắt
Đặng Thế Đại 26
On Establishment and Development of Mother Goddess in the Northern Delta in Vietnam - Seen from a Philosophical Angle Tóm tắt
Nguyễn Hữu Thụ 38
The View of Vietnamese Communist Party on Religious, Belief Issues and Religious Affair in the Period of Renovation Tóm tắt
Nguyễn Phú Lợi 47
The Folk Culture of Avalokitesvara’s Belief in Vietnam Tóm tắt
Kiều Thị Vân Anh 58
On Objects of Worship in Traditional Buddhist Temples in the North of Vietnam Tóm tắt
Lê Tâm Đắc 64
The First Time of Protestantism in Vietnam Tóm tắt
Đoàn Triệu Long 71